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What is the ISM?

The International Solidarity Movement(also known as the Palestine Solidarity Movement in the United States) is a decentralized network of activist organizations, some of which are 501 (c) (3) tax exempt, set up to aid the PLO in its goals to destroy Israel while also financially aiding American anarchist and communist groups to expand their power base for “world revolution.” It is similar to a multi-headed Hydra in which the heads are the individual organizations and the ISM/PSM is the body that connects them. It’s mission is to provide the “soft-side” (seemingly nonviolent) support to Palestinian terrorism and aggression against Israel by sending activists to interfere with Israeli security operations  and also by spreading propaganda abroad. It uses many the US college campus network to achieve these goals.

The ISM (International Solidarity Movement) is a front group for the late Yasser Arafat’s PLO and its affiliated Palestinian terrorist groups, such as the PFLP and Hamas. In fact, the leadership bases its philosophy on the PFLP's goals of a "secular communist state in place of Israel," but will gladly work "in solidarity" with any group that will aid in destroying the Jewish state. It works in conjunction with the Palestinian Authority's propaganda ministries by Saudi funding through the Muslim Students Association on our U.S. and Canadian campuses. Its purpose is to deceive western democracies that it is “peace group,” while aiding in the terrorist attacks and efforts of the PLO to destroy Israel. Working under pseudonyms such as Al Awda, Palsolidarity, SUSTAIN, Wheels of Justice Tour, Middle East Children’s Alliance and other names it serves to interfere with Israel’s attempts to fight terrorism in the Middle East . In America, the ISM raises money and promulgates propaganda for Arafatist terrorist thugs. The ISM goes under many other names in order to make the group difficult to trace in the U.S. and Canada, but , make no mistake about it, they are a subversive organization out to destroy western-style democracies. Another reason the ISM uses so many names is to appear it has more members than it actually has (yet still enough to wreak havoc) and to shield it from legal and financial investigations. For detailed information, click here.

What are the ISM’s goals?

Originally, the goal was to put international college students in front of Palestinian terrorists as cover, to hinder anti-terrorism tactics of the Israel Defense Forces, and to drain Israel’s resources any way possible while claiming they are just “peace activists.” Their goal has always been to dismantle Israel and carry out the propaganda campaign of Arafat’s PLO. The current goal is to convince anyone and everyone, but mainly the next generation of college students and leaders that Israel is an apartheid state like South Africa was (at the same time the Arabs promote anti-Semitism and insist no Jews can live in Palestine). “Racism” is to be used as red herring for naive recruits as the ISM practices the PLO policy of trying to annihilate the Jewish minority in the Middle East to set up another Arab Muslim dictatorship to rule over them. For more information, click here.

How do they recruit?

Basically, the ISM will take anyone who will go to the West Bank and Gaza and become a human shield for Arafat and his thugs. The ISM seeks out any counterculture movements, college communists, anarchists, anyone with a “gripe” as allies against Israel and the United States, imaginary or otherwise. Disaffected Jews are especially prized by the ISM to legitimize their goal of driving out the Jews from the Middle East so as to conceal their blatant anti-Semitism. Jews who ally with the ISM are frequently secular radical socialists who use their ancestry as a weapon against other Jews, the same as the Jewish Police in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War 2. This site will deal with the ISM's use of "Jewish" activists to aid their fifth column to destroy both Israel and eventually America. For more information, click here .

Are they really a threat?

To Israel, as a democracy in the Middle East, yes. The ISM shields terrorists, weapons smuggling tunnels, provides aid and assistance to the terrorist wing of Arafat’s government, and interferes with soldiers trying to stop terrorists from entering Israel. The ISM has met with terrorists prior to attacks, has transported parcels for terrorists to inside Israel and even shielded terrorists in their offices. They sleep in the houses of suicide bombers and protect bomb making workshops. They spout comments about "international law" but never condemn suicide bombings as breaches of international law, instead calling such activities "legitimate resistance" on their website. They play the public for fools. The ISM also worked to aid Saddam Hussein’s regime before the Second Gulf War because the Palestinians were, and still are, Saddam’s best allies. In the United States, the ISM is not yet as great a threat. But they are establishing cells all over the U.S.A. in alliance with other groups that advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government like International Answer and the International Socialist Organization.. Like the German-American Bund before World War II, they work hard to be a fifth column in America and at the same time they raise funds for the PLO that may actually be going to terrorism. Money is frequently raised under the guise of helping Palestinian “children,” but is fungible and may be going to aid terrorist efforts or to purchase weapons through Palestinian NGO's (non-governmental organizations).

Why do you say they are not a “peace group?”

Real peace groups that represent non-violence or preserve human rights do not defend terrorists like Arafat and Sheikh Yassin of Hamas. Consistently the ISM lends lip service to “peace” then makes excuses for suicide bombers (some of their people in the Middle East have slept in homes of suicide bombers to show support, like Bay Area ISM leader Paul LaRudee). They raise money in the U.S . for “Middle East children,” like Barbara Lubin, none of which ever goes to help Israeli children maimed in terrorist attacks. Their official position emphasized by the code words “right of return” which says any Arab whose ancestors lived inside Israel in 1948 must be allowed to return to the same spot. The idea is to overrun Israel’s minority population in the Middle East with Arab Muslims to make Israel into another Muslim dictatorship. It also assures there can be no “peace” until Israel is dismantled and replaced. To this extent, the ISM is in fact a war movement masquerading as a peace movement. The group’s endorsement of “violent means” as “legitimate” to destroy Israel exemplifies this fact. Many of the ISM's activists are dyed-in-the-wool communists who found their new cause celebrate (and money) by attacking Israel as part of their twisted concept of world socialist revolution against the "decadent capitalist West." Our goal is to explain this to people, particularly students whom the ISM tries to deceive that they are making a better world (for totalitarian movements). We are blunt, yet armed with the truth.

Where are they typically found?

The ISM has cells all over the US and Canada, but principally near universities and colleges. Because colleges are open to new ideas, the ISM uses them as bases from which to spread revisionist history, to stage events to lie to inexperienced students and generally to recruit people with PLO propaganda. They use “race,” “human rights” or “peace” as buzz words while advocating the annihilation of Jews, and the promoting of another fascist Arab dictatorship and unending war against Israel and the West as a noble cause of jihad. If you’ve ever been at an ISM “peace” rally, you will note organizations among the ISM volunteers that are virulently anti-Semitic . They just substitute the word "Zionist" for "Jew" because saying "Kill the Jews" doesn't play as well in Peoria as it does in the West Bank and Gaza. Understand that advocating the deportation, conquest, murder or attacking Jews in only one part of the world is anti-Semitism. If Hitler used ISM logic and the word "Zionist" in place of "Jew" during the Second World War he would have been able to deny he was anti-Semitic also.

Who are their typical members?

Some are what Lenin referred to as “useful idiots” who are uninformed and think they are helping world peace. But the majority are people who want revolution, and a radical socialist government out of proportion to any reality. For example, many women who are feminists and gays who would be murdered in the Arab world embrace the ISM as a revolutionary social movement in complete contradiction to what the Palestinians really do to women and gays in the Middle East. ISM leadership has contact with Arafat and his allies in Cuba, North Korea, Iran and most of the Arab dictatorships.

How will you stop the ISM?

As this website grows, we will provide you with tools and programs to STOP THE ISM. We will show you the truth behind their agenda for violent revolution and the overthrow of the U.S. government and the destruction of Israel. Meanwhile, we have been successful in getting the Israeli government to deport some of their more virulent members. For information on how you can help, email us STOPTHEISM@att.net and continue to monitor this website. The German-American Bund and ComIntern were both overcome in our history and the same will happen with the ISM. A new “Weekly Action” section will tell you how to actively fight the ISM in your community.