Email proves Jewish Voice for Peace is Arab front


Below is Neta Golan's "press release" about how she interfered with the Israeli army in Jericho. Write your local Israeli consulate and demand this time she be prosecuted and given hard jail time. Also send by fax a letter to Tzipi Livni, Israel's new foreign and justice minister that now that Neta Golan is in custody to see she is prosecuted and placed in prison. Neta has been operating from deep with the Palestinian Authority and directing anti-IDF activities. Before she was difficult for the IDF to nab, but now she is in custody. Ido Shapria, an IDF soldier, died in this latest incusrion. Breaking news says he was killed by "friendly fire" which demosntrates the need to not allow the ISM in combat areas. The fog of war is dangerous enough for soldiers without having to contend with anarchists who want to make the jobs of Israeli soldiers even more difficult. Could his death have been prevented had not Neta Golan tied up the IDF with her nonsense against Israeli soldiers over the last few years? For more on young Ido, now deceased, read the link at the end of this article.

Meanwhile, send an urgent fax to Tzipi Livni and tell her that Neta Golan must be prosecuted and jailed once and for all. As a major leader of the ISM in the West Bank, this woman, a former mental patient in Canada, is risking the lives of Israeli soldiers like Ido Shapira every day.

Tzipi Livni's fax numbers:

Foreign ministry 011 972 2 5303-408

Justice Ministry 011 972 2 6285-438


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What I saw in Jericho Or Olmert's Election Campaign

March 15th, 2006 | Posted in Press Releases

By Neta Golan

British Chris and I beginning our attempted entry. We were stopped minutes later.

Jericho Tuesday March 14th-
After a four hour walk around two Israeli checkpoint and an Israeli settlement we arrived in Jericho to find that the neighborhood around the compound surrounded by Israeli jeeps and Palestinian children throwing stones at them. We asked the kids for directions. After sizing us up for a while a young Palestinian guided us through the side streets to the closest point to the compound as possible where journalists where filming the attack.

As Chris from Britain, C. from IWPS and I were approaching the city we could here shelling and a helicopter from a long way away. When we got to the site of the prison and governmental compound we saw that the it was “U” shaped and the external building that was visible to us was burning and completely destroyed. We were told it had been shelled by a helicopter before we arrived.


The prisoners and Palestinian prison employees had been cornered into a room inside the inside middle of the “U” by the Israeli military destroying the building around them after the British and American guards abandoned the prison.

While we were getting organized to attempt to join the prisoners that were being attacked, The external building was shelled by a tank at least four times. The military were calling on the prisoners to surrender on an amplifier system.


The sound that worried us the most was a very loud and very low Rat-tat –tat that we thought was some kind of heavy machine gun fire. Later we discovered that it was a rock compressor or “congo” machine used to break up rock. Behind the destroyed external building the rock compressor and a similar machine with a shovel on a long arm were being used on the wall of the room where the prisoners were.

We tried in vain to contact the people inside the compound by phone to tell them we were coming in. We knew we were running out of time so despite our tiny number we stocked up with medical equipment and some food, raised our hands to show that we were not armed and walked as quickly as we could in the direction of where the prisoners were. Soldiers screamed at us to stop but we continued. We were directly in front but still hundreds of meters away from were the prisoners were when soldiers that had run out of their jeeps on foot caught us.

After being caught I lay down to prevent them from easily removing me. Thanks to nonviolent techniques we teach in training it took three soldiers about ten minutes to handcuff me with plastic handcuffs. They succeeded by one of them pressing his knee down hard against my throat and two other solider grabbing an arm each. I could see Chris on the floor up against a jeep behind me. When I refused to move the commander left two soldiers to guard me on the spot. He told them in Hebrew “If any one comes out of the building shoot him. Shoot in order to hit. We are not playing games. The games are over.” He repeated: “Any one that comes out of the building shoot to hit!” The fact that they came out of their jeeps to chase us and stood right in front of were the prisoners were for such an extended period indicates that they knew that they were in no danger of getting shot at.

The solider guarding me and I where there for at least ten minutes until border police came to carry me away. When the border police unit commander approached my guard he asked him in Hebrew if the “fat” ones were still in the building. He was told not to talk next to me and he switched to Arabic and asked the same question.

Four border police carried me into a jeep and then brought Chris in with his hands cuffed behind his back. We were sure they were taking us to a police station but they stopped at a checkpoint outside of Jericho and told us we could go.

On the way back to Jerusalem we heard that the prisoners and the rest of the besieged people had all been arrested. What people on the ground said was that the wall of the room that a prisoners and the others were in was demolished leaving them exposed to the Israeli soldiers, who ordered them to walk down one by one. That explained the too strong machine gun like sound that we heard, It was a rock compressor against the old stone walls of the building. The prisoners had no weapons. The Palestinians trapped inside the prison did not surrender and walk out of the building. The building including the room they were in was destroyed around them.

The room the prisoners were cornered in and arrested from.

According to AlJazeera.Net Two Palestinian security officers including Ibrahim Abu al-Amin were killed and 23 other people were wounded in the raid. The Palestinian people and the Arab world were humiliated enraged and betrayed. The chances for a viable Palestinian authority (not to mention state) or any brokered agreement was destroyed While chances for retaliation attacks increased. The rift between the west and the Arab world has grown wider. All for the sole purpose of Olmart’s election Campaign.


(Ed. Why is Neta Golan permitted to distribute this "press release" from a hot fire zone?Is the Israeli government that slovenly and stupid? Or do Israeli politicians consider Israeli soldiers and Border Policemen mere pawns to use in a political debate, something to be plinked at by Arabs and their communist anarchist allies? Stop the ISM thinks it's the latter. The sad thing is the ISM all over the US accuses Israel of not allwoing freedom of speech, of being a dictatorship while the ISM promotes the Arab dictatorships. Ido Shapira, son of Israel, died to protect the Israeli people. It's time for Israel's courts, polticial leaders and police forces to prosecute and jail long term Neta Golan. If she is released this time to continue this behavior over and over and encourage foreign nationals like "Chris" to do so, then Israel gets what it deserves. Read about Ido and say kaddish for him at:

http://www1.idf.il/DOVER/site/homepage.asp?clr=1&sl=EN&id=-8888&force=1 )

No more Ido Shapiras: JAIL NETA GOLAN!!!