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Fadi Kiblawi, ISM leader (aka "Fathead Kablooie" wannabe suicide bomber)


Wannabe terrorist Fadi Kiblawi calls himself a “peace activist” who does not hate Jews.

By Lee Kaplan and the Stop the ISM Team

 Just as totalitarian movements overseas use doubletalk to retain control over populations through indoctrination and false images, the International Solidarity Movement tries to deceptively portray its members as “peace activists” to anyone who will listen to their message to make unending war on Israel’s Jews through boycotts, divestment and  misinformation.  The deconstruction of the English language is used so suicide bombings become “legitimate resistance” and terrorism is no longer murder but acts “sanctioned by international law.” No greater example of this abuse of language can be found than with Fadi Kiblawi, a law student at George Washington University, who is one of the ISM’s main organizers of the upcoming event at Georgetown University in Washington, DC this February..


Stop the ISM has learned that Kiblawi is very upset that the Fifth Annual Student Divestment Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement has been getting some bad press lately. In a letter to the campus newspaper at Georgetown, Fadi Kiblawi expressed anger that the Conference’s organizers are accused of anti-Semitism. He wrote to the campus paper denying reports in the Hoya that at a previous national ISM conference held at the University of Michigan his group of attendees yelled “Kill the Jews!” Kiblawi cited as “proof” quotes from a U Michigan college dean named Ed Willis who claimed he never heard such threats or calls to violence. However, a closer look reveals once again Kiblawi is deconstructing language ISM-style to deny the truth.


 The Palestine Solidarity Movement frequently uses nonspecific comments such as those made by Willis to debunk that anti-Semitic remarks that were actually shouted at Michigan. Quoting the dean in his letters to the editor and press release denials, Kiblawi in one article about the Michigan divestment conference quotes Willis as saying, “I also heard an extraordinary depth of understanding about international issues. I heard people debating strongly held beliefs with civility and respect. What I did not hear - nor did any of my colleagues who were in attendance at all the activities of the weekend - were any outbursts of hate speech or threats of violence.”


However, what Kiblawi also does is not quote what Willis actually said just moments before to the same Michigan campus newspaper that Kiblawi drew the quote from. Willis said first that the event "drew people with passionate beliefs about the situation in the Middle East," and that "some of the language was sharp at times."


Kiblawi was half right, since indeed the Dean did not hear “Kill the Jews” muttered at an event he helped sponsor and in a language he understands. What Kiblawi does not reveal to his anticipated audience at Georgetown is that Willis does not speak Arabic and such death threats were indeed muttered by the ISM crowd. A legal affidavit witnessed by two attendees at the Michigan conference also shows several such threats were actually yelled in Arabic: “Charad al yahood! (Annihilate the Jews!) and even worse remarks in Arabic were shouted that day that can be read in the affidavit. A court case trying to get an injunction against the Michigan ISM event was brought by Front Page Magazine’s own contributor Debbie Schlussel. The case unfortunately was not allowed to proceed by the judge not because it lacked merit, but because he felt it was filed too late and some of the plaintiffs lacked standing, it being only two days before the Conference.

 Fadi Kiblawi at that Michigan conference also wrote of his desire to strap on a belt and become a suicide bomber in an article titled “A Perspective on Palestine while High on Vicodin." That article appeared in the Muslim journal Al-Risalah, University of Michigan, Spring Edition II, June 24, 2001. The ISM “peace activist” concluded in his tome about his personal desire to be a suicide bomber and "to strap a bomb to one's chest and kill . . . . The enemy is not just overseas, the enemy is also amongst us."

 Kiblawi also lectured at the Ohio State ISM conference over two years ago that I attended on how to take over campus newspapers across the country to check the influence of the “Zionists” (Jews).  Kiblawi will also be speaking and running workshops along such lines at Georgetown again no doubt.  As a law student now at nearby George Washington University, Kiblawi writes articles in the campus newspaper frequently that are monitored by pro-Israel groups on that campus who frequently have to write in to correct his false statements. And he was arrested in Israel for trying to bring down the Security Fence to keep out suicide bombers while serving as a human shield for Palestinians who throw rocks and attack Israeli soldiers. 

 At the last ISM conference at Duke University, Kiblawi condemned the shut down of the Global Relief Foundation and the arrest of its head manager, Rabih Haddad. The Holy Land Foundation and its director were found to be funding terrorism and involved with an organization that loves Jews as much as Kiblawi—Hamas. In fact, Kiblawi, as an executive committee member of the Ann Arbor branch of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee personally came to help Haddad and tried to get him released from jail by helping to mount demonstrations asking for the terrorist fundraiser’s release. Haddad was eventually deported to Lebanon for a visa violation, but it is widely felt in national security circles that the government deported him for supporting terrorism. Kiblawi felt it was particularly unfortunate that Mr. Haddad was arrested and the Global Relief Foundation's assets were seized by the government. Based on his desire to strap a bomb to himself and kill Israelis and those here in America who support Israel’s right to exist, no doubt Fadi Kiblawi felt empathy for Haddad.

In the run-up to the previous Palestine Solidarity Conference at U. Michigan three years ago, Kiblawi chaired the local arrangements committee that sent out the following  e-mail broadcast with Kiblawi’s signature on it to a broad public list of Michigan students, faculty and staff.  It read:

For almost 55 years now, Jews in Palestine have systematically destroyed the lives of the indigenous Palestinians who had lived there for hundreds of years. It is time for us to speak out and be heard, and you can be a part of this revolution! We, as the Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, will not remain silent while the Israeli S.S. Nazis destroy the homes of Poor Palestinians who have no choice but to respond through what others call "terrorism," but we call "justified resistance." Help us speak out against the Israeli Apartheid! With your help, we can bring down the Zionist country, and thereby rid the world of another racist country, just as we (the Academic community) rid the world of Apartheid South Africa only 20 years ago.

Most Palestinian Arabs migrated to the Holy Land in the 1920’s and 30’s encouraged by British immigration laws and job opportunities from the Jewish-Zionist Movement that legally purchased all its land. Israel is not an apartheid state like South Africa and making comparisons of Jewish refugees in Israel with Nazis whom the Arabs supported in the Second World War is particularly heinous. But Kiblawi would have us believe he’s not anti-Semitic.

Are we to believe this is a “peace activist” who has nothing against the Jews by equating Israel’s population that came out of the death camps with Nazis who murdered them, and declares terrorism as something other than what it is? Kiblawi beat the rap by telling his university a “hacker” sent the messages. But the words are standard ISM pap. 

Kiblawi further likes to call attention to ISM members of his group who are of Jewish ancestry as proof that he and his movement are not anti-Semitic. The ISM does indeed have a portion of its activists who are anarchists and communists who chose to ally with the Palestinian “revolution” and  who use their ancestry solely as a publicity tool  to realize their utopian dreams of world anarchy to destroy “capitalist and colonialist” Israel and its benefactor, the United States. These are Jews who subscribe to the communist saw of Jews as the world’s capitalists and who gave up their Judaism for the god of radical socialism and revolution long ago. Kiblawi, in turn, as a pan-Arab nationalist, is more than willing to exploit them., Like the rest of the ISM leadership he will embrace anyone as long as they will aid the ISM goal of destroying Israel “by any means necessary” to aid the PLO.

The most telling thing I saw of Kiblawi at the fourth annual ISM conference at Duke University in 2004 was during a seminar Kiblawi was leading that had the impressive mouthful of a title  “The One State Solution and Bi-Nationalist Politics Impact on Activist Discourse,” a fancy way of deconstructing the English language yet again to call for the destruction of Israel so it can become  another Arab state with the Jews who might remain living there under Arab domination. At one point, Kiblawi forgot himself by thinking he was among friends and not realizing I was in the room disguised as a Pakistani.   

A young neo-Nazi in the audience began to speak up about how the governor of New Jersey had had an illicit gay love affair with an Israeli Jew. “The Jews are in control of everything,” the young man said, “They control the government and the media and nobody ever does anything to stop them. They even tried to sink that US Navy ship the Liberty and nobody does anything about them.”

 “I know,” replied Kiblawi, the man who claims he is not an anti-Semite.

 “Isn’t it disgusting?” Kiblawi said.


Update on the Georgetown University conference and a live report from the PSM Leadership Conference:

Downloadable royalty-free leaflet of Nadeemvis and Kiblwathead. Text appears below.

The Palestine Solidarity Movement's new Five Points of Unity:

  1. Palestine is cool
  2. Israel sucks
  3. (To StopTheISM): Are you threatening me?
  4. We demand TP and the Right of Return for our bunghole.
  5. Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh

"Fadi Kiblawi is far from being an outspoken critic of terrorism.  While an undergrad at U. Mich., he sponsored the national convention of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, a group that is on record endorsing terror bombing as a legitimate tool of Palestinian "resistance." Furthermore, Mr. Kiblawi actually wrote an article in a U. Michigan student publication in which he expressed his desire "to strap a bomb to one's chest and kill.  …The enemy is not just overseas, the enemy is also amongst us."  http://www.dafka.org/NewsGen.asp?S=4&PageID=945. "'In my ode I said I'd like to explode' quoth Fadi Kiblawi Amir." (He is also known as Fadi Kablooie from the noise a bomb makes when it explodes.)
The Georgetown Hoya (January 27 2006) reports this: "But Muaddi declined to condemn suicide bombings, saying that it would not be right 'to criticize Palestinians for taking part in violence when the Israeli forces are taking part in violence.'"


On his personal blog Kiblawi wrote that prior to Stop the ISM's founder Lee Kaplan's appearance on Bill O'Reilly's The Factor on Fox Cable News, he spoke to the producers who were "pissed off" because Fathead, er, Fadi proved Lee Kaplan and his articles on the ISM were all lies. But guess what? O'Reilly's producers say Fadi is full of baloney  because he never spoke to any of them. But then again lying in the ISM is de rigueur as part of its policy of "by any means necessary" to destroy Israel. See Fadi's website KABOBfest: Zionists Gone Wild at: http://kabobfest.blogspot.com/2006/02/zionists-gone-wild.html where it says:

"These douche bags think they're really bothering the PSM - this is all too comical. When I spoke to O'Reilly's producers the morning of the show, I provided them with evidence of Kaplan's lies and they were PISSED! I'm sure that's why they edited his segment down to the 3 minutes of nonesense that aired."

The segment was never edited, was broadcast as originally set up. As usual, the ISM accuses people who divulge their anarchist propensity to support terrorism and murder as "liars" without citing specifics. O'Reilly's producers aired the program as originally planned and shot.

We at Stop the ISM (the douche bags) have a suggestion for Mr. Kiblawi: why not live out your fantasy of being a suicide bomber. It's probably something, the only thing, you really have skills for. Just make sure you do it alone in a padded room where you belong.

And GW expects this clown to practice law?