Definitions of the word "kapo"

1. A Jew who worked in the Nazi death camps to control and supervise the murder of his fellow Jews.

2. Ehud Appel of Berkeley. An activist member of the ISM/PSM and member of UC Berkeley's Students for Justice in Palestine.



Appel, Ehud Moshe   Every once in a while an incredibly delusional Jew comes along who, no matter what reality stares him square in the face, continues to suck up to his enemies as he abandons his own. Ehud Moshe Appel is one such man.
    Appel first came to our attention as a progressive free speech advocate who disrupted Daniel Pipes' speech at University of California-Berkeley.
"While we support Mr. Pipes' right to speak on campus, we are concerned that Hillel's sponsorship of this event gives the false appearance of an endorsement of his views from the Jewish community." Why should the views of a strong defender of Israel and one who bravely exposes the nature and threat of militant Islam be an embarrassment to the Jewish community?
    Were Mr. Appel to confine his activities to protecting free speech for only "progressive Jews" like himself, he might not be on our [now world famous] S.H.I.T. List.  However, his "energized" mouth just keeps on running and running and running...[off]
    [The safety for Israeli citizens]
"will only improve if Israel respects the rights, needs, and claims(1) of Palestinians and negotiates with them in good faith as equals(2) [however] I unfortunately expect Israel to continue with the arbitrary detentions, closures, shellings, missile attacks, beatings, home demolitions, and land seizures(3)."  Rebuttals: (1) The so-called "Palestinians" claim they have existed as a "nation" for thousands of years, the Jews have no historical or legal rights to any land, the Jews are thieves who stole all the land and that Jews/Christians are "monkeys and dogs." (2) Jews and Arabs/Muslims are not equal. The former are a civilized people who never strap explosive belts onto their children, slice off clitori or engage in honor killings. (3) Moshe sounds more like Hanan Ashrawi than Hanan Ashrawi as he unleashes a long list of "grievances." [Click Here for typical 60 second Ashrawi monologue.]
"I do not believe Hamas wants to kill Jews... [Say what?#%!] I do not think that any significant number of Palestinians voted for Hamas because they have inherently anti-Jewish beliefs." Of course, not, Moshe. They love Jews... to death!  I do think that lots of Palestinians have anti-Jewish sentiment which comes from only encountering Jews who are occupation soldiers or settlers." Most Arabs have never come into direct contact with either the IDF or "regular" Jews. Most have, however, come in contact with crazed mullahs, sheikhs and kindergarten teachers! "This [Arab anti-Jewish] is the type of sentiment that goes away when you realize that there are Jews [like Moshe, the boot-licking kapo] and Israelis who support [suck up to] the Palestinians and risk a lot to work with the Palestinians as equals in opposing the occupation and other forms of discrimination and violence... As more Jews turn against oppression and in favor of helping the Palestinians, I have no doubt that support for this [anti-Jewish/anti-Israel] rhetoric will be restricted only to the fanatics and will be rejected by everyone else who is just really (and rightfully) pissed off." [Simple solution from simple minds?]
    Moshe the Kapo is a special Jew who can look his executioner eyeball to eyeball and still crack a smile, seek a friendly handshake and begin a "dialogue of mutual understanding"!   Wake up, Moshe!!!   Hamas are Nazis in kaffiyahs!  The only differences between them and the 1940's Nazis are (1) the Nazis spoke German and (2)  the Nazis murdered the Jews in an organized, methodical, business-like manner. It was nothing personal... it was just business as usual.  Hamas, however, has a diabolical enthusiasm... an insatiable bloodlust.  It's the thrill of the hunt!
    Quoting Ehud regarding the Palestinian elections:
"I'm happy for the Palestinians. Hamas knows how to get things done." [Now ain't that the truth!] "I hope that countries don't cut aid to Palestinians based on these elections... I do NOT believe that disarming itself or recognizing Israel at this point [if not "at this point," then when!] should be requirements for desperately needed aid, NOR should they be pre-requirements for talks with Israel." [Israel should willfully negotiate the terms of its own suicide.]  "Now, there are two ways to have [an Arab] Right of Return [back into Israel], that is, two ways that I would find acceptable." [... just as Moshe the Kapo finds both hanging and lethal injection both acceptable???] "2 states for two peoples [even if the so-called "Palestinians" are a fictitious "people"] , but those Palestinians who want to become Israeli citizens with equal rights are allowed to do so [sure, flood the JEWISH state with Muslims...no prob, Moshe!] or 1 state for two peoples, equal rights for all." [called "De-Judaizing Israel] 
    "In the case of two states, Israel would almost certainly object to allowing
[this Right of Return], EXCEPT that studies have shown that, at most, 300,000 Palestinians would want to go to Israel. [Based upon an America:Israel 60:1 population ratio, this would be like having America bring in 18 million Muslims bent on dismantling the state!]  "Most would simply rather go to Palestine, as long as Israel acknowledges that it caused the refugee problem and pays compensation,  [As expected, Moshe the Kapo says nothing about a single Arab acknowledging any responsibility!]  the Arab states would have recognized and made peace with Israel if the refugees were allowed to return." Moshe the Kapo forgot about how those same Arab states tried to wipe Israel off the map even before there were any Arab "Palestinian" refugees! But let's not dwell on hard, cold facts.  "I believe that Israel MUST acknowledge AND apologize AND pay reparations, and MOST Palestinians will be satisfied, as long as the Palestine they DO return to is one hundred percent free."  Free of what? Jews? If so, then Israel should "free" themselves of 1.5 million Arabs from within Israel!  What's good for the "Palestinian goose [-stepping Nazis] is good for the Israeli ganders. 
"If Israel is threatened [again by Iran] after a complete end to the occupation, the rest of the world WILL in fact stick up for Israel." And Moshe the Kike will lead that charge... from a safe distance In Berkeley. 
"Eventually Israeli Arabs will approach demographic parity to Israeli Jews. To refer to this phenomenon as a "demographic threat" is reprehensible."  What else might one call it when Israeli Arabs equal or outnumber Israel's Jewish population?  Moshe the Kapo might call it "a cause for celebration" but more sane Jews would call it "the end of the Jewish State!"
    Ehud Moshe Appel represents the worst of the Post-Zionist Jews. He has become a "Jew for a Second Holocaust!"
Ehud Appel's support for Hamas and other terrorist murderers knows no bounds.

 Ehud Appel has seemed to develop a fascination for Stop the ISM founder Lee Kaplan and begun stalking him on the Internet. It seems Ehud does not like exposure of the ISM when it admits it works in cooperation with terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP and seems to think that Internet comments on pro-Palestinian blogs constitute evidence that such cooperation is not credible despite proof from mainstream media that the ISM leadership admits it works with terrorists.  Ehud is an interesting example of a Jewish quisling out to destroy Israel at all costs while maintaining he is really a peace activist. He makes it his own personal job to stop the opposition from speaking in criticism of radical groups that support the PLO agenda. At Berkeley he tried to stop Daniel Pipes from speaking by helping to foment a riot. He now staunchly defends Hamas. Ehud Appel is the Lord Haw Haw or Tokyo Rose of Jews in Berkeley and runs with and gives directions against his fellow Jews for the Students for Justice in Palestine there. He works tirelessly to promote divestment against Israel with them, because, he is such an admirable Jew.

On the Internet, he has posted a recording of Mohammed Abed of the Alternative Palestinian Agenda at the University of Madison in Wisconsin. Abed coos in the recording about how the ISM has managed to create divestment movements around the world and boycotts against the Jews. Since Appel himself is Jewish, one has to wonder about the motivations of a man who would seek the annihilation of his own people. Abed calls Israel an "apartheid" state while the Palestinian Arabs insist there can be no Palestinian state with Jews living in it and that all of Israel must become Arab dominated Palestine. The fact such divestment and boycott schemes make 30% of Israel's children and the elderly go to bed hungry at night is meaningless to Appel, who considers it a valid tactic to create international scorn for the Jewish state. Appel is clearly very sick. He's not a humanitarian, he's not a peace activist, he's just a plain old garden variety son of a bitch.

If anyone reading this website knows any members of Ehud Moshe Appel's family in Israel we would like to talk to them and find out what they think of a guy who works for the likes of Hamas that declares no Jews may live anywhere in Israel at all and that it is OK to kill them. If you know his family members in Israel, contact us at info@StoptheISM.com .

UPDATE: At the San Francisco National Al Awda Conference Ehud Appel led a group of Arab students in how to rejuvenate the boycott of Jews in  Israel and America. At one point Ehud suggested the Arab "right of return" to overrun the Jewish population in Israel be extended only to a Palestinian state outside Israel's 1967 frontiers. Appel was abruptly shut down by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta who informed him that the "right of return" applied to even 1948 Israel and could not be resecinded even by Arabs who wanted to do so. Appel voiced no objection. Next, when confronted with evidence that Al Awda linked its boycott site to the American Nazi Party, Appel defended it claiming it was done without Al Awda's knowledge. It has been months now and Al Awda still links to the Nazi website without objection from Ehud Appel. Appel also has linked his "resume" to B'Tselem in Israel which is headed by Anat Biletzski, the former head of Israel's communist party. A fair assessment of Appel is he deems himself a communist and follows the party's platform calling for the destruction of Jews and Israel, but poses as a Jew due to his ancestry to infiltrate Jewish groups and seek to aid Arab and anti-US interests to attack them. Appel was investigated by the US Department of Defense for his activities in trying to sabotage the US war effort in Iraq and arranging actions to not allow military recruiters on Bay Area campuses.

Ehud Appel likes for people to think he is an Israeli who supports the Arabs but in fact he grew up in Modesto, California, a spoiled rich kid who now supports the Arab terrorists and suicide bombers as well as the terrorists who kill US soldiers in Iraq. Appel is not an Israeli but lets people thini he is to lend credibility to his rants against Israel.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. - Marcus Cicero, speaking to Caesar and the Roman Senate