Letters we get


(Ed. OK, OK....we know about the typos. Stop the ISM threw this site up in one hectic night and we are correcting all our typos. If you spot any, please let us know and will fix them forthwith.

We also received some emails suggeting our "facts" are wrong. Especially about Rachel Corrie. Rest assured, everything we write about Corrie and the ISM on this site is more than just sourced in the media. We have the actual IDF footage videotaped of when Rachel Corrie was killed, and it shows she was not killed protecting a house, that the driver could not see her and that the ISM lied about the circumstances of her death and even doctored photos. Read the article The Strange Case of Joseph Smith at left.  For those who write seeking to "educate" or "correct" info about the ISM on this site, rest assured it is all genuine and we do not make things up. Stop the ISM activists have actualy attended ISM meetings in the USA and the West Bank and we are still inside the ISM gathering data every day. Our goal is to shut down this pro-terrorist front for the PLO and to have its leadership indicted for assisting terrorism. With your help we will succeed. Remember: their ultimate goal is to destroy America, not just Israel and by violent meqns if necessary. )

Below are some letters we just received:

 It's about time someone stood up to this hate group.  Good luck.


Hello there,

Kudos for the wonderful work you're doing on behalf of democracy and freedom.


It's very reassuring that finally SOMEONE is taking the threat presented by the ISM seriously other than Israel. The ISM is a serious motive force in the propaganda war against Israel, using the fact that they aren't Arabs to lend credibility to the lies propagated by the psychotic Arab media. It is critical that someone expose this group of terror supporters for who they really are. I will happily offer whatever support I can. I'm a Canadian but I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Please don't hesitate to contact me.
Thanks, and all the best.

As an Israeli living in the UK I have come to gain some perspective to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and can view it with more objective eyes. I must say that I am glad to see that others share my opinions of the ISM / PSM. I have been watching them operate, recruit and corrupt young minds across all of the UK through their infiltration of the student bodies.
I would be happy to help you in any way I can.


Thank you for taking a stand and bringing this issue to light. I'll
continue to visit and look forward to seeing the site grow. I'm also going
to post a recommendation to your site on my blog. Thank you and G-d Bless


Good site and well done, but I wonder whether you realise that among the sites on your recommended Google search is one to Sabeel, which is run by Naim Ateek, who is a replacement theologist, is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish, and, in my opinion, is more likely to SUPPORT the ISM rather than stand up against it.
Please Google search Sabeel and Ateek for yourselves.  Ateek was instrumental in the Anglican Peace and Justice Network's infamous and distorted report about Israeli "oppression" of Palestinians, which I believe led to the call for divestment.
Any chance of your making this clear on your homepage?
(ED. We were not aware. Sabeel is a part of the ISM's new tactic of trying to convince Christians in the US that Israel persecutes Christians in the West Bank when it is the opposite. We'll get on it. Articles on SAbeel will be forthcoming. At a previous ISM Conference at Ohio State They boasted they would "reinterpret the Bible" in the fuutre. Sabell is part of that plan. Thanks for alerting us.)
 I would be willing to offer my time  and talent to help you all with any visuals you need for your website or for your campaign to expose the ISM
 I cant tell you how happy I am for your help in exposing these vile idiots ....
  you can see my work here..
 I saw a link to your website on littlegreenfootballs.com.  its about time someone went after these assholes.  Please provide your mailing address so I can send you a check .
 If you set up a mailing list, I would welcome the opportunity to be included on it.  You may use my main e-mail address. .  Thank you, and please keep up the good work!
I wish you the best of luck in your endevor to expose the ISM. Expose the lies, reveal the history, connect the dots. Don't back down.
Hi, you're site is great.  I put up jewsforgeorgetown.com a couple  
weeks ago in response to the ISM/PSM talk planned to be there.  Your  
site seems to be very comprehensive.  I'm going to add your site to  
my links section if you don't mind (If you do, I can take it down,  
but I can't imagine why).  Nice job.

- Chaim
Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!