Anti-Zionism IS anti-Semitism pure and simple

The anti-Semitic world has developed a euphemism for the destruction of Jews in the modern era of tolerance.

By Lee Kaplan

The term “politically correct” has emerged in the Western world where religious and racial tolerance as an idea has become common, mostly as an outcropping of the Holocaust, South Africa and the US Civil Rights Movement. But old ways die hard, and the remnants of the political movements of the totalitarian world still cling to Jew-hatred. The only dilemma for those movements is how to sell a “politically correct” version of that hatred. Hence, “anti-Semitism” is separated from “anti-Zionsim,” even though they are both one and the same. This “politically correct” form of anti-Semitism always revolves around the existence of Israel.

How so, you say, when there are even Jews who classify themselves as “anti-Zionist” or even “post-Zionist” who call for the destruction of Israel?

“Zionism” is the concept that the Zionist movement created to found the state of Israel and bring the Jews back to the Holy Land to enable Jews to not live under persecution in their own land. With the creation of Israel, "Zionism" was fulfilled. The Zionists piror to 1948 purchased all their land legally and emigration was legally done. Other Jews resided in the area for thousands of years. Today, “Post-Zionists” is as term used to connote Jews living in Israel and how they regard their future circumstances. Israel is a fact now, a fact that the “anti-Zionists” wish to negate. As such, “anti-Zionism” has become a euphemism for Jews whenever the professional propagandists of the old Soviet Union or the Arab Muslim world needed it (and still is) to mask their persecution of Jews.

Arab college professors, not only the ones in Arab universities who teach that Jews never lived in the Holy Land, nor the agents provacateurs sent to US universities by the Saudis and the PLO, began the intellectualization of anti-Semitism as a “politically correct” propaganda tool by denying their hatred of Jews simply by saying they only hate "Zionists." Martin Luther King understood the game plan when he told a student at one college lecture that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism pure and simple.

So how do we affirm for certain that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism? We look at who says uses the term “anti-Zionist” and this salient analogy: Imagine if during the Second World War Adolf Hitler had developed a euphemism for the Jews-Juden in German- and called them “EuroJews.” He would then proceed to deny he was an anti-Semite. After all, he wasn't doing anything to the Jews in the USA. He was only righting the injustices done by Jews during the First World War whom he blamed Germany's loss on. Seminars would be held in American universities in their German Studies departments, organized by the German-American Bund to discuss the EuroJew world problem: the abuses of human rights abuses by the EuroJews for stealing German property and land. The superior attitude of Jews as the “Chosen People” could be discussed and how this impacted on the starving Germans after 1918 who the Jews left hungry. Of course, these people, the Jews, should be dispossessed in the name of “social justice.” And German soldiers killing them, well, that was naturally self-defense and "legitimate resistance" to occupation by these interlopers who really never came from Germany and should go back wherever they came from. They should be deported and attacked if they remain behind. German contributions to American universities would increase with this program in order to further “greater understanding” between the US and Nazi Germany.

The above is the current scenario when discussing anti-Zionism. Anti-Zionists who would claim they are not anti-Semitic simply because they do not advocate the murder, or dispossession of Jews in the Diaspora, but who support an Arab fascist movement that says the Jews now living in Israel must either flee their homes, be murdered, or submit to Arab Muslim domination and eventually live under Sharia Law, or at minimum strict Arab majority rule, mask their intentions from a world that remembers what the Germans actually did. This is done by using the euphemism "Zionists" instead of Jews. And like Goebbel's Big Lie, the incessant repetition of this theme, especially in our educational system in the classroom, libraries and at conferences over and over has made it seem acceptable.

But what about those Jews who call themselves “anti-Zionists”? Is it possible that Jews can be anti-Semites also? The answer is a resounding “yes.” The Germans had plenty of Jews who betrayed their own people for assorted reasons. At the start of the Holocaust, some German Jews also complained about the “less sophisticated” Bohemian Jews who the Germans first started their pogroms on. Some of secular Jewish ancestry even served early on in the German army. Germany later employed “Jew catchers,” Jews who would wander around in former Jewish neighborhoods, in the park, or the library, to root out Jews who were hiding their identities and not yet caught. The Warsaw Ghetto had the Jewish police—it was easier to control the Jews with their own kind—who carried out the deportation of the Jews until their usefulness ended and they too were murdered. And the death camps had kapos, Jews who supervised the other Jews for the Nazis in exchange for better treatment. Jews like these did these things usually for more food or better treatment than their peers. But many also considered themselves “different” or “better” than the other Jews and even claimed to understand why what was happening to Jews was their own fault, due to innate characteristics of Jews and their ideas, or their being too pushy, or their sense of intellectual superiority. Most perished with the rest.

Today’s “anti-Zionist” Jews are largely found on college campuses where the intellectualization of anti-Semitism fits in with the “anything goes” concept of allowing for new ideas and discourse in the academic paradigm. Like the Jews above, they usually claim intellectual superiority to their peers. Some like Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkelstein draw attention to themselves and make a fortune writing books or on the lecture circuit when they would never be as recognized for their mainstream work and ideas. A Jew who will condemn other Jews for living in Israel is news and will always be embraced by the Arab money machine that works in “solidarity” with any organization or person who will support the goal of dismantling Israel. Some claim they are citizens of the world, and thus owe no allegiance to the Jewish people any more, and if the world wants the Jews of Israel dispossessed or killed, so be it. Some are ignorant of the concept that “the Chosen People” does not mean that Jews are superior to other people—they are not any better or worse—but that Jews have a covenant with God to set an example by behaving better than other people. And some Jews (and when I say “Jews,” I mean people of Jewish ancestry only, not people who recognize their being Jewish anymore) through the social obligations they were brought up with as young Jews to support the community of mankind, embrace radical socialist movements such as communism or anarchism that traditionally see Jews as the “capitalists” and “money grubbers” of the global world. They willingly unite with Muslims who are really just anti-Semites to help them in opposing the current world order by tearing down the world as they see it to create their perverted idea of a better one.

Yes, Jews can be anti-Semites too by mitigating their position as Jews in the world and being politically correct “anti-Zionists.”

The goal of “anti-Zionists” is to deconstruct via politically correct terms the real nature of anti-Semitism for their own perverted
ends. Hence, Palestine Solidarity activists who support “legitimate armed resistance as proscribed by international law” are not advocating the murder of Jews in Israel, but rather upholding “international law.” That they would cheer when a resolution put forth at a previous conference at Duke University to condemn suicide bombings was announced as being defeated becomes ignored under the cloud of their “politically correct” rhetoric as they call themselves “peace activists.” “Peace” will come when Israel is dismantled and “Palestine” is in its place to these people. What happens to the Jews living there now, and the end of the only real democracy for Jews and Arabs in the Middle East afterward, is irrelevant. “Peace workers” who would enable a suicide bomber to pass a checkpoint to kill Jews then can become the humanitarians, and the terrorists become “freedom fighters” when they are really just thugs who prey not only on Jews but on their own people.

Anti-Zionists cannot excuse their anti-Semitism by their support of the subjugation, expulsion or murder of only one part of the world Jewish community—the one in Israel. The constant dissembling and parsing of words by professional Arab propagandists and the radical Left must be perceived for what it is—deception. This deception has been steadily creeping into our university system in America and threatens the very social tolerance that system claims to support. That is the basis behind the Palestine conference to be held at Georgetown University in February where anti-Semites from across the US will gather to strategize and train in how to weaken and destroy the state of Israel.

So the next time you hear someone say they are an “anti-Zionist” and not an “anti-Semite,” rest assured they are referring to the Jews.

They just haven’t gotten around to all of them yet.